Simon and Associates helps the leadership of middle-market businesses to realize growth through innovation.

We closely collaborate with senior leadership to not only identity gaps and opportunities, but also identify those that will most dramatically impact your business strategies, revenue, and profitability. Each project is customized to address the needs of your specific situation.

Most projects contain the following key elements:


Identify where the gaps in your business development/marketing capabilities, strategies, and execution lie. We will work with you to gain insights from internal stakeholders, customers, competitors, channel partners, industry experts, etc.

This may be accomplished through secondary research, interviews, and internal workshops, and can also include more rigorous research such as surveys or focus groups.


Identify the changes that will drive the greatest impact to the organization. The most important change imperatives will be those that critically impact strategy, revenue, or profitability. We will help your team consider the risk, cost, and timing associated with changes and ensure that there is a clear and compelling path forward.


Plan the work and work the plan. We provide project management oversight as well as tactical expertise relating to the changes you are making. Simon and Associates partners with great tactical agencies. Whether you are looking to grow with new products, new markets or new ways to go to market, we can provide the expert guidance and execution you need to succeed.

Several aspects of your marketing capabilities may be impacting your business’ overall performance. Simon and Associates can help you to evaluate:

Product Marketing

Brand Positioning
Value Proposition and Differentiation
Value Based Pricing
New Product Innovation

Promotional Marketing

Search engine marketing
Digital and social
Traditional advertising
Events and tradeshows

Inbound Marketing

Search engine optimization
Digital properties (website, social sites, etc.)
Content Marketing
Lead generation, nurturing, and marketing automation

Sales Enablement

Channel marketing
Sales collateral
Sales process and support
CRM and Sales support technology