Led by Tom Simon and supported by a network of specialists and industry veterans, Simon and Associates focuses on these fundamental drivers of success:


Broad and deep customer, competitor and partner insights


Leveraging the creative energy of a total team to develop promising new avenues for growth


Prioritization, planning and execution that drive results

Working with Simon and Associates gives you immediate access to senior-level business development and marketing expertise as well as fresh perspective. Services can be delivered to address project-specific, interim or ongoing needs. Simon and Associates augments and complement our clients’ existing team and emphasizes the transfer of new skills and capabilities.

“Tom has a remarkable ability to listen to—and hear—what we really are saying. He is analytically strong, pays close attention to detail, and gets strategy; but it’s learning and knowing what we do and where we want to go that brings this all together. It’s Tom’s ability to understand us that sets him above the rest.”
– Paul Morgan, EVP Terra Contracting

“Tom is a brilliant, highly effective professional and joy to work with. He’s inventive, brings great ideas to the table, and is quick to understand the big picture. But he also pays close attention to details, data, and results. Tom is one of the first people I would turn to if I had a difficult marketing or business challenge to solve”
– Brian Flaherty, Founder at CampHero

“Tom asks the right questions to help drive direction and understanding which is a key skill many marketers don’t possess.”
– John Hostetler, Director of Global Business Development, Kellogg’s

“Tom brought new ideas that led to innovative solutions and resulted in competitive advantages for Kellogg. Tom was also specifically sought out to serve as a client advisor on several Kantar Media initiatives due to his industry knowledge and collaborative style.”
– Dan Kitrell, VP Account Services, Kantar Media

“I would jump on the opportunity to work with Tom again – any time. Where this guy focuses his attention – cool stuff happens!”
– Magnus Eliasson, VP US Sales at Wrapp

“Tom is a great “deal guy” when you you need to get things done efficiently, quickly and without a lot of upfront information. He’s part strategy guy, part finance guy, and overall the kind of corporate development professional you want on your team when you are making or considering deals. In short, Tom rocks!”
– Brian Costello, CEO Maple Farm Media

“Tom impressed me with his strong analytical skills, his data gathering skills and his ability to quickly see the big picture – the forest – while others that had a lot more experience in our business were lost in the details – the individual trees. He has some great interpersonal skills that enable him to work in a difficult environment and with a diverse group. For example interviewing and skillfully asking probing questions without appearing offensive or threatening, but rather curious and supportive.”
– Greg Lazarou, ACUS General Manager, AT&T